Merry Christmas!

Every Thursday night, the women in the shelter join myself and a very generous woman from the local UMC who is donating her time to lead a Bible study during Women’s Group. The study we have been working on is from a book that is quite similar to the 12 step program, adapting the concept to help it’s readers learn to accept responsibility for their actions, forgive others for theirs, and to depend on God throughout all challenges big and small. I got to thinking, what a great study to be doing so close to Christmas. Our study leader began to tie in how our God’s unconditional love and grace would not be possible had He not been willing to send His son not only in human form, but as a baby.

The things we have been discussing in women’s group has stuck with me and I have learned as much as the women during group, but it unexpectedly popped into my mind when I was walking my new puppy, Rory. Now, Rory, has quite white fur only speckled by little brown spots. I believe my dog to have very white fur. Well, this weekend, we received quite a bit of snow, enough to stick anyway. When I took Rory outside, it was her first time seeing snow. She was hesitant, but soon was bounding and hopping in and out of it faster than I could keep up. I watched her as she went, very amused and pleased to see her enjoying herself so much. Then it hit me, this little puppy who I thought had quite white fur all of a sudden looked dingy compared to the freshly fallen snow. Could this be how we act sometimes? Thinking we are free of sin and burden when in reality we need our Savior to be as white as snow? Isaiah 1:18.

I love celebrating this gift of Christmas. Every Christmas I continue to feel the anticipation on Christmas Eve just as I did when I was younger, but now, it’s for a very different reason. I love to allow myself to feel the excitement and anticipation just as you do when you wake up from a really good dream and just want to remember it, not talk about it, or when you see freshly fallen snow on tree branches being lit by a midnight sky. They are things you simply you allow to bring you joy and not try to put words to about how they make you feel. So, friends, what I am trying to say is, enjoy your Christmas season. Rest in the comfort of the God of Grace who loves us so much that He would keep nothing from us, not even His own son.

Blessings, and until next time.

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas!

  1. Laurie La Van says:

    A fresh fallen snow around the white siding of our house always reminds me of that verse, The snow is so white and the siding I thought was white looks so dull and dirty. “Though your sins are like scarlet they shall be as white as snow…” And we know that is white! Can’t wait to meet Rory! Love you!

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts! I am going to continue to ponder them during this New Year! It is a year for fresh starts and growth. ( Also, Lil Rory sounds like the best companions:P)

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